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06/10/2018 Congresses | RG CONNECT CONFERENCE 18



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Watch live and on demand the RG Connect Conference 2018 organized by Reload Greece  to be held on October 6th 2018.

 To see the program click here.

RG Connect18 Conference – London 6/10/18 

‘Where Challenges Meet Solvers’

The fifth annual Reload Greece conference, rebranded RG Connect18, will bring together a vibrant international community of entrepreneurs, investors, academics and policy makers to share inspirational ideas and help shape the future of entrepreneurship. This year’s Reload Greece conference ‘Where Challenges Meet Solvers‘ will address how challenges caused by the economic crisis are being overcome by individuals and institutions that have adopted a ‘solver’ approach. 

The one-day conference, to be held in Prince Philip House, London on Saturday 6th October 2018, will explore what practical steps can be taken to nurture homegrown talent and harness the energy that has been injected into the Greek economy with the advent of the EquiFund, one of the European Investment Fund’s largest investments in Europe. Nine funds have been appointed to deploy 400€ million into Greek start-ups over the next five years and throughout the day at RG Connect18 the discussion will focus on which policy actions, academic support and institutional frameworks need to be put in place to ensure that this opportunity is maximised.  Reload Greece is pleased to announce that several funds dealing with early stage start-ups are speaking and exhibiting at RG Connect18.