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10/05/2019 Congresses | Video | LIVE 2019 – Leading Innovative Vascular Education | D. Xanthopoulos | Wandering aortic thrombus



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08:30-09:30 Clinical Cases 2: Abdominal Aorta
08:31-08:40 Treatment of type IA endoleak in a patient with a 15 years’ follow up using an Altura stentgraft
K. Konstantinidis
08:41-08:50 Custom-made endograft for the treatment of AAA with an ectopic pelvic kidney
08:51-09:00 Ovation endograft may provide an optimal platform for chimney- EVAR
C. Chronis
09:01-09:10 Combination of the chimney technique and an iliac-branched device for the repair of a failed EVAR
M. Matsagkas
09:11-09:20 Wandering aortic thrombus
D. Xanthopoulos
09:21-09:30 Unexpected causes for critical decline of kidney function in a 66 yr-old patient 6 months after EVAR and bilateral renal artery stenting: when open classical techniques are still the “gold standard”?
W. Sandmann
Σχολιαστές: M. Veller,F. Koskas, . Tzilalis

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Watch on demand the speeches from LIVE 2019 - Leading Innovative Vascular Education to be held on 9-11 May 2019, Hotel Larissa Imperial, Larissa.

On the occasion of LIVE 2019 annual symposium in Larissa, IVD is celebrating  its 10-year anniversary by sharing the experiences of the past 10 years and speaking about the emerging issues and challenges ahead.

We are honored to welcome you to this celebratory and remarkable event.

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